Chemical field translation

Chemical field translation

Chemical field translation

Chemical field

Field of chemical industry

Chemical engineering is a very mature discipline, and many chemical raw materials and products have been used for decades. There have been few major breakthroughs in the past 10 years.

Today, the main raw materials for the chemical industry are the same as they were decades ago, except for natural gas, oil and coal, as well as ethylene and derived hydrocarbons, ammonia, alcohols, etc .; the main production technology is still natural gas steam. Conversion, fractionation and cracking of petroleum, partial oxidation, coal gasification, etc.

The chemical industry, chemical engineering, and chemical technology are all simply referred to as chemicals.

The chemical industry includes petrochemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers, paints, and oleochemicals. They appear in different historical periods, each with different meanings, but they are closely related, interpenetrate, have continuity, and have been given new content during their development.

Early human life relied more on the direct use of natural materials. Gradually, the inherent properties of these substances could not meet the needs of human beings, so various processing technologies were produced, and natural substances were purposefully and purposefully transformed into new substances with various properties, and gradually realized on the scale of industrial production.

Broadly speaking, anyone who uses chemical methods to change the composition or structure of a substance, or synthesize a new substance, is a chemical production technology, that is, a chemical process, and the resulting product is called a chemical or chemical product.

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