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About Us

1.Survive and Thrive

Our goal is to become a global native language translation expert and a DTP typesetting service provider.

2. Serve Attentively and Merit Your Trust

Bright personnel always do their best to complete tasks entrusted by clients. Satisfaction of clients is the key to success&

3.Survive Based on Quality and Develop Based on Reputation

Bright personnel deeply understand that providing high quality services and building a trustworthy brand are the ways to survive

4.Perfect Management and Improve Quality

Adapt to market changes, accumulate bits of experience, improve management methods, and move towards quality.

5. Create Individual like Eagle, and Build Team like Wild Goose

Build tough quality and cultivate cooperative spirit. Let's fly and soar like eagles under the sky of Bright, and walk&#

6. Employees are Treasures of Bright

We always believe that employees are impetus of continuous development of Bright, and every Bright personnel is a treasure w

7. Progress Shoulder to Shoulder and Make Bright Better

Bright will make progress and development together with you to realize win-win cooperation and strive for further improvement.

Professional translators look for blue, we grow with you

We regard word of mouth as life, customer satisfaction rate is 99%