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Our vision is to become the world's top interpreter.

Our mission is to help Chinese enterprises go to the world and foreign enterprises come to China.

Professional Interpretation Service

Bilan Translator is committed to global business communication without language barriers


Free translation limit application

1. Application for free test manuscripts 2. Free typesetting

3. Free translation of 300 words 4. Free partial proofreading and quality inspection


I. Interpretation Department

Bilan Translation Interpretation and Simultaneous Translation Team is composed of senior interpreters and scholars at home and abroad as expert consultants, professional senior interpreters at home and abroad and first-class professional management team. To provide first-class interpretation services in more than 50 languages and in many fields for global customers. At present, the main customers are: Huawei, Tencent, Lenovo, TCL, Kangjia, LG, Shenzhen Municipal Government, UNICEF.

II. Interpretation Projects

General Interpretation: Negotiating Interpretation, Business Accompanied Interpretation, Travel Accompanied Interpretation, Shopping Accompanied Interpretation, Non-professional Guided Accompanied Interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation: simultaneous interpretation of large international conferences, press conferences, forums, investment notes and seminars. Alternate Interpretation: Alternate Interpretation for Opening Ceremony of Large Conference, Alternate Interpretation for Speech Conference, Alternate Interpretation for Symposium, Alternate Interpretation for Product Conference, Alternate Interpretation for Project Investment Statement, Alternate Interpretation for Special Training, Alternate Interpretation for Business Negotiation, Alternate Interpretation for Small Conference, Alternate Interpretation for Small Statement and Presentation, Alternate Interpretation for Welcome Banquet, Alternate Interpretation for Wine.

III.Interpretation field

Computer, IT, information technology, software engineering, communication technology, law, economy, finance, insurance, venture capital, MBA, finance, medicine, cosmetology, cosmetology, medicine, health care products, construction, electricity, tunnel engineering, automobile manufacturing, mechanical and electronic, life science, energy, environmental protection, advertising media, network marketing, etc.

IV. Customer Objects

Whether your guests are exploring the international market or the domestic market, if there are a few documents to be translated, but not too many, it is not necessary to invite a translator; or when there are so many documents to be translated that the translators of the company can not use them properly; please give them to our translation company. We are sure to break the language barrier for our guests, help them open up international or vast domestic markets, increase their competitiveness in the industry, and provide them with unlimited business opportunities.

V. Service Types

Junior Interpreter: Visit Accompaniment, Tour Guide, Shopping Intermediate Interpretation: Product Introduction, On-site Installation, On-site Interpretation Advanced Interpretation: Job Training, Business Negotiation, Medium-sized Conference, Report Conference Expert Interpretation: Large-scale Conference, Press Conference, Video Dubbing, TV Radio Dubbing PS: Criteria and Classification of Interpreter Screening

VI. Purpose of Service

Accurate content, reasonable price, punctual completion, honesty and confidentiality are our purposes; we will spare no effort to provide you with more professional and accurate translation services, while charging more reasonable fees. In addition, we guarantee that documents involving intellectual property rights or secrets are strictly confidential and will never be disclosed. [BILAN INTERPRETATION MICROSIGNAL BRIGHTTRANS]

Advantages of Business Accompanied Interpretation





     √ 具备相关口译资格证书



     √ 公司规范管理成本


     √ 实现跨地区服务能力




     √ 严格的商业安全、保密措施


     √  允许客户临时改变行程或日程





     √  专门资深人事经理项目跟踪


     √  签订正式合同、开具商业发票


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