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Bright is a Sino-foreign joint multilingual service provider in ShenzhenShenzhen Bright Translation Co. Ltd.

Bright is a Sino-foreign joint multilingual service provider in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Bright Translation Co. Ltd.   Introduction   Headquartered in Shenzhen and established in 2005. Set up branches and offices in Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, France, and Belgium.

In 2008, "Telelingua International", a global language provider headquartered in Belgium, successfully invested in Bright. The two parties share resources and experience. "Telelingua International" was established in Brussels in 1985. It has more than 25 years of experience in the translation industry, is one of the top 20 translation companies in the world, and provides services to more than 1,500 clients from all walks of life in the world. Organizations spread across Europe (Brussels, Paris, and Munich), North America (New York), and Asia (Shenzhen, Beijing and Tokyo). 

In 2008, Bright officially became a Sino-foreign joint venture having management experience and high-quality global major language service capabilities. 

In 2019, Acolad, the largest translation group in Europe, wholly took over the foreign company of Bright ("Telelingua International"). 

So far, Bright has a more solid foundation and space in enterprise management and resource sharing.

Bright has always taken high efficiency and high quality as the service tenets, is based on the local and serves global clients, and has established good business cooperation relationships with many well-known enterprises.

Bright provides various interpretation services including simultaneous interpretation, translation services in many fields, software and website localization, design and production of various documents, manuals and publicity materials, animation design, and other related services. Bright fully helps Chinese enterprises go to the world and foreign enterprises land in China.


Address:Address 1979 Qiaoxiang Road, Xiangmihu Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City

Miss Liu Landline:0755-82796083       Miss Chen Landline:0755-83236265

Miss Hang Landline:0755-83660212

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National Unified Free Hotline:400-8633-580

As low as RMB 0.09 per word.  The translation with the small number of words can even be submitted on the same day. Suitable for standard contents such as product manuals, documents, and organizations.

Applications for free translation

1. Free test     

2. Some free typesetting

3. Free translation of 300 words     

4. Some free review and quality inspection

Bi LAN translation | Company advantage

Bright | Advantages

Every translation company will tell you how they ensure delivery time at a low price, how they implement strict confidentiality measures, etc. After you learn more about it or cooperate for the first time, can they really fulfill their promises like Bright? This is why you should choose a translation company trusted by more than 30,000 clients.

Country-wide Branches

Although Bright can provide translation services without leaving home, when the project must be discussed face to face to get the best communication, we will send local consultants in

Impeccable Confidentiality Measures

Bright will have strict operating provisions in every link of translation services to protect your business interests.

Always Effective After-sales Service

No matter when and where, if you are unsatisfied with works of Bright, please contact us at any time 400-8633-580, we will patiently settle your doubts.

High Qualification

Bright is officially registered in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and is the only Sino-foreign joint translation agency in Shenzhen.Join the TAC and the TAS.

Rich Industry Experience

A good translation company should also have rich industry experience. Bright has spent more than ten years of time and efforts to accumulate valuable experience that money cannot buy,

High Quality and Low Price

High quality and low price are originally contradictory. Bright guarantees the lowest price under the same quality. This mainly benefits from the scientific translation management process of B

Recruit Global Translation Elites

Bright has attracted more than 30 management personnel and more than 120 full-time translators to join, and has signed and expanded thousands of language experts in various fields and

Trusted Translation Service Commitment

The best translation company should commit to providing Trusted Translation Service. Regardless of individuals or global enterprise groups, Bright should treat them with the same enthusiasm, hones

Professional translators look for blue, we grow with you

We regard word of mouth as life, customer satisfaction rate is 99%