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AboutCustomer case

    1. Industry field: Member of Shaanxi Associations
      Cooperation time: 8 years
      Cooperation scope: Simultaneous interpretation, listening translation

    1. Industry field: University
      Cooperation time: 4 years
      Cooperation scope: Translation, interpretation
      Translation language: Chinese, Japanese, En

    1. Industry field: Electronics
      Cooperation time: 4 years
      Cooperation scope: Multiple product lines
      Translation language: Multiple languages

    1. Industry field: Film and television media translation
      Cooperation time: 4 years
      Cooperation scope: Interpretation
      Translation language: Chi

    1. Industry: Energy
      Cooperation time: 9 years
      Scope of Cooperation: Nuclear Island, Nuclear Reactor, Instrument Control, Overall, Operation,&

    1. Industry field: Communication/Walkie-talkie
      Cooperation time: 10 years
      Cooperation scope: Product specification, manual, and website of walkie

    1. Industry field: IT Internet
      Cooperation time: 9 years
      Cooperation scope: Company management, contract, online game planning, marketing

    1. Industry field: Supermarkets, department stores
      Cooperation time: 6 years
      Cooperation scope: Contract, manual
      Translation language: Chinese,

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