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A translation company plays a very important role as a firewall in translator selection, quality control, and translation and review, and plays a very important role as a bridge in communication. A translation full of errors brings, to an entrusting enterprise, not only economic losses, but also invisible and irreparable reputation losses that cannot be measured with money. Therefore, work of the translation company seems simple and easy, but is actually very important. There are still many people who have many misunderstandings about the translation industry. What are these misunderstandings?

Anyone who knows a foreign language can be a translator

A high level of foreign language only indicates solid basic foreign language skills, but translation requires skills and transformation, as well as continuous practice, experience, research, and knowledge broadening. A translator is a miscellanist, and needs to not only master vocabulary and grammar of a foreign language, but also understand backgrounds and professional words of different industries. A translator can be qualified only after a lot of language training, translation practice, and accumulation.

Excessively believe in returnees, professors, and foreigners

Many people think that returnees have no problem with translation. However, different returnees use foreign languages at different frequencies abroad, most returnees are not in majors of foreign languages, and may not have language talents, so that not all returnees can be translators. Many people also think that professors in majors of foreign languages have no problem with translation. In fact, many professors are generally engaged in research or teaching in one or several fields. Their translation levels depend on their translation practice. Translation is a highly practical technology and relates to professional knowledge in many fields. For foreigners, their languages are not necessarily good. As long as you look at different Chinese levels of surrounding Chinese, you can understand this truth. Even though Chinese speak Chinese, their language abilities vary greatly. In addition, translation levels of foreigners depend on their Chinese levels, let alone their rewards? Some translation companies give you quotations. We know whether they employ foreigners to translate fairly well.

Pay no attention to translation quality

Some clients may say: "Requirements on translation are not high." In fact, there are only two possibilities for translation: The translation is correct, or the translation is incorrect. If a translator's level is high, a translation is correct; and if a translator's level is average, a translation has more errors. Many clients directly seek a student or an individual to translate, which is very dangerous. The translation market is quite a mixed bag. A client who does not know foreign languages or has a low level of foreign languages cannot determine a translation level of the student or the individual. Although the cost is low, the client obtains only rough semi-finished products, which is very harmful to the client's company image. In addition, translations with poor quality can seriously affect progress of a work project.

Always want a low price

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. A complete translation process should include a series of processes such as typesetting, translation, and review (usually twice to three times of review and modification). If a translation company provides a quotation at a low price, it will inevitably use a low-level translator, or reduce the number of times of review and modification, or even omit the link of review and modification. You can imagine the quality. Unfortunately, many clients cannot understand an important role of a translation company, think that translation is simple, and blindly lower translation prices. They don’t know there are many people who understand foreign languages, but there are actually very few people who can really translate. It is not an exaggeration to say "one in a thousand". Clients blindly lower prices, and some translation companies will find ways to reduce cost, so that online translation software such as Google translation appear one by one, which results in a lot of errors. Research shows that 1 Yuan of translation cost investment brings at least 9 Yuan of value-added income. Sometimes, you only need to invest an extra 10,000 Yuan into a translation project, which can make your entire project more competitive.

Blindly pursue translation speed

Many customers blindly pursue speed, which can most probably affect quality. You can't have your cake, and eat it. To get a high-quality translation, sufficient time is a necessary condition. First, we need sufficient time to read through an original text, transform languages based on understanding, and ensure accurate typing. It takes time to read through, understand, think, transform, look up, and type in addition to checking and typesetting. If you want a high-quality translation, please plan and arrange as soon as possible, contact our sales personnel in advance, and provide an original text as soon as possible. Translation time depends on technical difficulty, translation amount, languages, etc. For common languages such as English, Japanese, and Korean, a translation can be submitted relatively fast due to a large quantity of excellent translators and their rich experience, while a translation in a minority language may take longer time.

Only ask a price with no communication during an inquiry

Translation relates to different fields such as law, automobiles, machinery, petrochemicals, ships, news, environmental protection, clothing, geology, papers, politics, economies, and agriculture. Difficulty levels of materials in the same field are also different. Even if difficulty levels are the same, translation uses, time limits, etc. are different, so that prices are different. If a quotation is provided without understanding and communication in advance, such quoted price is meaningless and irresponsible to the client.

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