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The Marketing Department receives the client's translation manuscript order and submits it to the Project Department based on the type of the manuscript.

Based on the professional and language requirements of the client's manuscript, the Marketing Department delivers the obtained materials to the project team responsible for the related industry field. The colleagues in the project team analyze the translation material in various aspects, and decide, based on the translation requirements of the client, whether they are qualified for the order. If qualified, notify the Marketing Department of providing the specific quotation to the client.

After the two parties sign the service contract, the project team will establish a separate professional glossary for the client.

After the two parties negotiate the price and sign the translation contract, the related PM will select, based on the professional field of the material and the translation requirements of the client, a senior translator with rich translation experience in the corresponding field, and send an email to notify the translator of the translation task and quality assurance requirements. In addition, the project team will establish the glossary within the specified time and feed the glossary back to the client based on the client's requirements for review and confirmation. For questionable professional terms, we will use multiple channels to look up or consult related terms. After consultation with the client, the project team will uniformly determine the professional terms related to the translation.

Translation and review

The translator gets the confirmed terms, performs preliminary translation, and submits the completed translation to the Review Department for review (spelling mistake, grammar, and common sense errors). After the review is completed, submit the translation to the project team, and sign the names of the translator and the reviewer on the internal process sheet of Brighttrans, to manage and revise the translation later.

The reviewer revises and embellishes the translation in depth.

For materials that are highly professional or specially required by the client, if necessary, the PL will engage a relevant foreign expert or scholar to review the translation (but this behavior requires the prior consent of the client). If confidential materials are involved, we will strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the confidentiality agreement signed with the client for standard operations.

Based on the client’s typesetting requirements, the professional Typesetting Department will perform general typesetting as well as professional image processing and desktop publishing on the translation.

After the review process is completed, based on the client’s requirements for the format, the staff in the Typesetting Department will typeset and revise the translation to form the final version. The PL will review the final version again to ensure qualified quality and submit it to the Marketing Department. The Marketing Department delivers the final version to the client.

The Marketing Department delivers the final version to the client, and performs later follow-up and revision.

After the translation is delivered to the client and the client checks the translation and has any questions or revision suggestions on the translation, the Marketing Department will follow up in time, and establish a feedback sheet to give feedback to the colleagues in the project team. Based on the feedback sheet, the project team will arrange the original translator or another translator to review and revise the translation, and finally revise the translation to the desired effect of the client.

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